Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Dear Sugar and Cream...

Please stop following me home. I know that Meijer has put you on sale this week for only a dollar, but please, I really have enough of you now.

I know that you make lovely baby clothes, especialy in cute shades like these:

I now have enough to make a week's worth of clothes, bibs, and washcloths, so please, stop following me home. I'm getting stares as I walk in the door because of you.

Seriously though, Meijer put the stuff on sale for a buck a ball, so I broke my once a month yarn aquisition rule so that I could pick up some stuff to make baby items out of. the purple is making a very cute baby kimono even as I type. I also started the Nightgown from Mason Dixon Knitting. I hope it turns out nicely. I'll have pictures tomorrow to actually show my WIPs and a new FO. DBF lent me his camera so that I could take a few snapshots of the stuff.

Does anyone want to donate a digital camera to me? I can't afford to get one, nor do I want to buy one unless it's an SLR, but I will take a donation :oP I can trade yarn for it!

I took the GRE last night and my instant score was an 1100. It's not bad, not great, so it's nice and average. It should let me slip under the radar of the grad school at least. I really don't want to go back to school, but with the job market the way it is, I guess I better try and solidify a job for myself. I'd much rather be travelling the world right now...preferably somewhere cooler than here.

I'm finally going to SnB again tonight. I haven't been able to go for nearly a month now, so I need to go stitch and bitch some tonight. Plus I want some baked brie and I've been craving that for some time now.

Knit on...


del said...

Sugar & Cream for a dollar?? I'd be buying up bucketfuls, too, LOL!

Tricotine said...

Great bargain! I hate when yarn harcels me, messing up my good resolutions though... LOL

robyn said...

Thanks for the heads up, I need some pink to go with the yarn I have for the baby kimono.