Monday, July 31, 2006

I do really live

I know it's been four days now since I last posted, but I swear I'm alive. See, I normally post early in the morning before I'm on the clock for work. Well, Thursday and Friday I had to run a conference here at work which meant no blogging. So what's new?

The nighty is almost 10 inches long now. Pictures soon.

The baby kimono is at a stand still because I keep forgetting to bring in more yarn for it. I'm too obsessed with the nighty right now.

I started a new sweater, which I really am considering ripping out. I need a good pattern for a sport weight superwash merino that is fuschia and some lavendar.

I took a ton of pictures this weekend for a camera club competition. It's A-Z on a disposable camera. A is for automobile, B for bridge, etc. I'm on N for Neon now. We have to turn the cameras in later in August so they can be developed.

Pazzo's Pub has 37 beers on tap. Newcastle is very good...I may never drink a Bud again if I have the option. DBF got the sampler there and it came with 4 mini beers to try. I just went with Guiness. Newcastle tastes similar, but less bitter and slightly more carbonated. They're both good.

Beer makes certain club gatherings much more tolerable. Guiness on an empty stomach can lead to dizziness.

A Scanner Dark is a strange independent film. Keaneu Reeves makes a much better animated character actor than he does a real actor.

I think that about wraps up the weekend. DBF and I were both tired, so we didn't do all that much. Sometimes lazy weekends are good though. Guess I better end the lazy weekend and get to work now.

Knit on...

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