Friday, July 21, 2006

WIP it out Friday

DBF and I got in our cardboard crack (aka Magic cards) yesterday and each opened up our fat pack of coldsnap. I have a box of boosters sitting on my desk at work, just waiting for lunch time to arrive so I can rip into the things and see what goodness comes out. I also have a booster box of Clout Fantasy sitting on my desk at the same time. We need to find some people who would be interested in playing the game. It's pretty fun, I have to admit, just doesn't seem to have a lot of tournament support as of yet. I can't decide which box to open up first. I might open up the clout on my breaks and then the magic cards on my lunch hour, depending on how long my meetings last.

So, camera club last night was not that great. Seems like the majority of the people in the club want to nix the competition part of it because they don't win, er, learn from it. I enjoy the competition part of the club, even in months when I don't enter or don't win anything, because I get to see lots of interpretations of a certain theme. This month's was People in the Street, so we had everything from parades to Peruvian women walking in a cloud of incense for a festival (a personal favorite of mine, but I may be partial since it was DBF's), to a couple kissing in the grass by a street. So, all these new people show up last night and propose that we change the whole format of the club because meetings take too long and they have to drive a long way home.

First, meetings take too long because the speakers speak too long. They should keep their talk to 45 minutes, an hour at most, but last night the speaker spoke for an hour and a half! That's too long for this club. If the speaker is really interesting, I don't mind, but I really didn't learn anything last night aside from the camera club is aggravating.

OK, now to WIPs. I know you wanted actual knitting content, so here you go. Here's the latest FO: a crappy garter stitch scarf that is pretty short, but it's made out of the yarn that I spun myself. I'm pleased with it. I don't care if it's crappy or not.

Next is the latest baby kimono in progress. I love how the sugar and cream looks and feels. It makes me want a sweater made out of this stuff...Oh look, blogger won't let me post any more pictures for now...lovely. I guess you will get to see the others on Monday, or during lunch today if I need a break from opening all the God-packs of Magic :oP Sorry folks, I will get these pictures up. They're on my computer at least...I'll add them to my flickr site too, so click the link to the right that shows my pictures and they'll be there.

Knit on...


Jirel said...

Cool! Yarn you spun yourself. That's neat. I love to watch people spin. I used to be able to knit but I've never spun yarn. I'm much better at cross stitching. What kind of support do you want for Clout Fantasy tournaments? They have the medallions comming out soon - they are "litterally" on a slow boat from China. :)

Not that I have any ability to change the support, I'm just interested in what you want and if you are familiar with what is currently available? I followed you over from the CF board.

Knitting Magic Girl said...

I think that cash prizes would be good, but if not, then offer boosters as prizes. From my experience in Magic, if there's a box up for grabs, people will show for the tourneys. It'd be nice to get a big tournament for each state and then do nationals at Origins or Gen Con or something like that. I enjoyed playing in a tournament at Origins. That's what got me hooked.

HCGAdam said...

I don't know about cash prizes, but I do plan on having some great prizes at GenCon SoCal. If there's a local fan who wants to run tournaments I ship out tons of promo chips (and soon, yes, Medallions) on demand. I also have special prizes available to TO's who put large tournaments. Originally the Clout world championships were planned for Gen Con SoCal, but we got off to a slow start and I'm now planning on having them at Gen Con Indy 2007.

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