Tuesday, July 11, 2006

And All That Jazz

OK, I'm not as sore as I thought I would be today after my first true venture back into exercise (disc golf doesn't count since it's a sport. Exercise has to be different for me...I'm weird.). Last night I went out with my friend Rebecca and joined her for Jazzercise. I wasn't quite the comic relief that I thought I would be (the girl to the upper left of me provided that), but I am still as uncoordinated as I remember being.

Grapevine? More like trip over my back leg. Heal Toe Twist? Oh where do I begin on that one?

Where's the Knit One Purl One move?

I could always ride a stationary bike so that I could knit while exercising. Of course with my coordination, I can see that yarn getting wrapped inside the bike wheel and disaster ensuing, resulting in my trip to the ER trying to explain that the reason my circulation was cut off is due to knitting while exercising. I'm sure no one would laugh at that.

One more day until I've completed my first full week back on weight watchers. I'm getting there. just gotta keep plugging along.

Well, let's see how many angry drillers I have on my voicemail today...yippee...

Knit on...

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