Thursday, July 20, 2006

How to kill a perfectly good evening

Go to Autozone and get a new battery of course! With all the heat we've been having here recently, the battery on my car finally kicked the bucket. After looking at the year, it wasn't surprising. The dumb thing was 7 years old. Oh well.

I made some progress last night on my nightgown from Mason Dixon Knitting. I've got an inch and a half of lace done on the front panel now, so it's coming along. Very pretty, very easy lace too. However, on tuesday I thought it was looking good and then I realized I dropped a YO stitch and it had unravelled to the very bottom, so frogged it was. Hopefully no more frogging will have to occur with this project. Hey, I'm optimisitic.

Today, Coldsnap comes out for me and DBF. Because we wholesale it, we get it a day before it's released. The gamer geek in me has come out again and must shout from the rooftops. I don't know how good this set will be, but by God, I'll play with it and build a snow covered land deck or something retarded like that. I don't seem to be doing too great with deckbuilding here recently. Maybe that will change.

Along with the order of Coldsnap, we will be getting in some Clout Fantasy (it's a throwing game played with poker chips that have really cool artwork on them and stats for the creatures) and a Settlers of Catan board game. DBF and I have been wanting the boardgame for a while and finally figured out we could get it wholesale.

I am skipping the farmer's market today at lunch. Instead, I wanted to work on the nightgown. Besides, my grandparents are going there and they asked if I wanted anything from there, so I let them know my usual list. As long as it includes white peaches and that organic hydroponic strawberry guy's wares, I'm happy. Our garden is now producing enough beans for this end of the state and the zuchinni is going crazy. I've heard the tomatoes are coming in, but since I don't like tomatoes, I'm not too interested in that.

Tonight is camera club too, so I had to go rummage through all my slides last night to find some pictures that would work. The category is People in the Street. That's pretty wide open, so I've got my pictures and we'll see how it goes.

I should probably get some work done. I would rather be knitting right now...

Knit on...

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robyn said...

Next time you drop a stitch to the bottom you should try to pick it up and rebuild it instead of frogging. I got really good at doing this when I was working on a lace pattern a few months ago. If you every need help doing this, just bring it to a meeting and I can show you how. Rebuilding stitches will save you hours of frogging and reknitting.

Also, what is the camera club?