Thursday, August 31, 2006

Mowing, Knitting, and Rabbit Bites

After work and going to Curves, I decided, heck, I need to mow this lawn. It was starting to get pretty high and after two hours of no rain, I figured that was going to be the driest it was going to be until Sunday. It would however keep growing until then, so mowing was the thing to do last night.

My previous attempt at mowing was on Tuesday after the test on my wrist. I tried to start the damn mower, but to no avail. I thought I was just being a weakling, so I kept pulling that cord and then finally gave up. I had dinner to cook after all, so had to put up the machine. Last night I was determined to start the sucker up. So, I looked over the contraption and realized that a plug was unplugged. Could this be my problem? After weighing the odds that the whole thing would blow up after attaching said plug, I decided to go for it. Bingo.

My lawn is now cut. I think this is the first time I have had to mow since I was, oh, maybe 10 years old. Lucky me, I get to mow now. At least it is an easy yard to mow. So after mowing with the mulching mower, I ran inside and washed all the green off my legs (I swear to you, I looked like she-hulk or something) and then flopped down on the couch with a big slice of apple pie and vanilla ice cream (yep, negating all the exercise I had done yesterday). After watching the rabbit do her crazy jumping thing, I decided to work on the sock for my mom. I am hoping to get the rest of it done today between knitting on breaks and lunch and at home. Hey, I can even knit while playing poker again. Who knows, I might do better again...

I was worried about the dumb rabbit yesterday too. In the morning, Spooky missed her cage door when going back in and she got her foot caught in it and struggled against it. She was really favoring it when I left, so I thought that she could have broken it. thankfully she didn't. She was back to her usual self last night. She did give me a glare like, "I could eat you if I wanted"

I guess she decided that was her spot for the nap. She likes cool spots. She also likes to play with the wooden thing to her right as well.

So to prove that she was able to eat me, she bit my arm this morning when I went to get her in her cage. Damn rabbit. She didn't get a carrot this morning because of that. She'll probably stare at me even more tonight.

Knit on...

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