Monday, December 18, 2006

Crunch Time

OK, knitters, it's crunch time. Do you have your gifts ready to go? Are you travelling and working on projects while in the plane or car? Are you done? If you are, you make me sick, but congratulations. If not, join the club.

I was reflecting on the amount of holiday knitting that I have been doing recently. I have knit four sweaters, 10 dishcloths, a pair of socks, and spun up three skeins of yarn as presents in the past 2 months. I still have to work on another pair of socks or two and the scarf for DBF.

Remember that secret project I was working on for him? I showed it to him since it wouldn't be done in time. Well, it's a scarf with poker suits going up the center of it and on the back of the scarf, it will have the Magic symbols going up the center. It'll be reversible and all made out of alpaca. It's very soft, but I only have one repeat of the suits done, so it won't be done for Christmas. Oh well, I'll work on it once I get back from visiting with my folks for a few days.

This weekend was all about Christmas parties. We ate and ate and ate and then watched Survivor last night (Ozzy should have won...). We also saw Apocalypto yesterday afternoon. I'm still not sure what to think about that movie. It was OK, very graphic, and sort of Rambo-ish in the end (how did that guy survive again?). But it was OK.

No pictures today. I was lazy. I will be seeming sweaters tonight, so I may have a picture of an FO to show you tomorrow. If not, then you'll get to see the sock in progress :oP

Knit on...

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