Tuesday, December 05, 2006

What to Do?

So, I have this huge bag of fleece at home. I don't know how to handle a raw fleece or even store it for that matter. How should I store this thing? Should I roll it out or just leave it in the bag? I won't be able to work on it until next weekend at least because I'm being kicked out of the house for the weekend since the owners come back for a few days. Blah. Don't they know how tempting a raw fleece is to start preparing, especially when the high for yesterday was only 25 degrees?

Anyways, I went to a new bookstore in town yesterday and of course first went to the knitting books. They had a pretty good selection, but I ended up not buying any, despite the desire to especially buy Beyond Wool: A Knitter's Guide to Natural Fibers. I did however buy two vegan cookbooks since I only have two vegetarian cookbooks and both use eggs in about every recipe.

Speaking of the lack of meat, I had a voicemail message from my doctor on my work phone this morning. I am allergic to all common land animals. This means:

No Chicken
No Eggs
No Beef
No Poultry
No Game Animals
No Snake
No Penguin

OK, so those last two were thrown in there just for the hell of it since they are land animals. What can I have? Vegetables and Dairy. Lots of vegetables and a little bit of dairy.

Thank God I like tofu already!

Knit on...


Zabet said...

You poor thing!

Well, if you get hungry, I have a big bowl of rocks here that you could suck the dirt off of.

;) I kid! That really sucks. It's one thing to choose to be vegan/veggie for the rest of your life, but another if you have no say.

I'm sure Sarah and Robyn can give you tons of really good recipes.

robyn said...

Speaking of Robyn- I have a ton of vegan cookbooks if you ever want to borrow. Also, you might already know, but just in case here are two fabulous sites for vegan recipes that I use religiously.



The vegcooking site has tried and true vegan recipes and is maintained by a vegan chef. The vegweb site has user recipes and a review system that is really helpful. I have made incredible things from both sites.