Monday, December 11, 2006

The Trials and Tribulations of a Non-Carnivore

OK, so I can eat fish if I want, but I generally didn't eat much fish before I found out I couldn't eat meat anymore. So I'm basically a vegan, but I can have a little cheese and milk every now and again. It hasn't been that hard adjusting and making sure all my meals are veggie based, but this weekend created a new problem: The Christmas Party.

You never think about party snack foods containing meat products until you can't eat meat anymore. At least there was a veggie tray at the party, so I chowed down on brocolli, carrots, and celery dipped in a little ranch sauce (which judging by the way my stomach twinged, probably had egg in it). The rest of the food was meatballs, chicken fingers, chicken gumbo, chicken wings, brownies which I were sure had eggs in there, some sort of dip that I really wasn't sure what was in it, baked meat-filled ziti, and apple cider. Hooray for the apple cider! It was quite tasty and I really need to get the recipe for that.

So I ate veggies. Another problem that I see is eating out at fast food restaurants. We ran by Wendy's before sitting out at the Horse Park for the evening, since I knew that a small plate of veggies was not going to hold me for the next 5 hours. At least Wendy's has baked potatoes. So I had a baked potato with chives and no butter or sour cream. It filled me up at least. When we got to the park, there was a kettle corn dealer, so I also got some yummy hot popcorn straight from the kettle. Considering I had 15 points left for the day after the potato, I thought it would be OK to indulge in a little sweet and salty popcorn.

I will still be indulging in that some more today. It was quite a lot for only 3 bucks.

So the moral of this story is: Have more at your party for veggie eaters aside from just a veggie plate. While veggies are good, something with a tad more substance would be nice. Considering I think I was the only vegetarian at the party, I doubt they would have ever considered it. I wouldn't have until this past week and a half.

I'm still waiting for my final exam to be emailed to me today. There were email problems at the university over the weekend, so I'm not sure when the teacher will be sending it out. In the meantime, I suppose I could actually do some work :oP I'll have some pictures tomorrow of a sock and dishcloths and maybe more if I don't have to spend my whole night working on a final exam.

Knit on...

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