Thursday, December 21, 2006

Seaming and Weaving, Seaming and Weaving...

Guess what I did last night? Normally Wednesday evenings are for spinning, but not yesterday. I needed to finish up the cardigans and sweater I made for my parents and grandmother. I had to weave in ends for Dad's cardigan, seam and weave Mom's cardigan, and weave Grandma's sweater. So, I took some pictures too. Both cardigans are so dark that it's hard to get a good picture of them, so use your imagination!Mom's cardigan on me. Like I said, it's dark, sorry. Here's the cardigan on the bed:
I'm really liking this pattern. I don't like the yarn (wool-ease thick and quick), but I like the simple shaping of the pattern. It's from I did completely change the neckline on that one, and it actually turned out better. I wasn't too keen on the polo shirt-like neck they had on this sweater. I couldn't see Mom happy with it either. I just picked up stitches around the edge and crocheted a smooth neckline. I need to remember that next time I made DBF a sweater. Crocheted necklines will look much better than anything I can do with the needles aparently...Here's a close up of the buttons. They're little spirals.
I would show you Dad's cardigan on the bed, but it's entirely too dark to even make out a sweater. So instead, I'll show you a finished pair of socks:
Yarn is Trekking XXL in some blue colorway (threw the band away a long time ago) Size 10.5 mens feet in my basic sock pattern, will be given to my grandpa today. I had to start one more pair of Christmas socks for DBF's mom:

These are made out of Knit Picks Dancing sock yarn. It's a cotton/wool/elastic blend and it feels rather nice. I like Trekking better, but she wanted ones made out of mostly cotton. Ask and ye shall receive. They are much brighter than the manly ones, huh? I like it though.

Tonight I'm going to go see Eragon with DBF. He gets off work early, so we're going to take advantage of that. Tomorrow I'm packing up all the gifts and a few clothes for myself and heading home to visit the folks for a few days. I may be blogger-less down there, so if you don't get any new posts after tomorrow, that's why. I'll try to find internet somewhere and post if I can though.

Knit on...

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