Thursday, December 14, 2006

Excited Over a Lunchbox

I was excited when I drove home from work yesterday because I saw that my Christmas present to myself had been delivered via UPS. I quickly drove by my grandparents' house to pick up the package and then headed home to play with my new toy.

Yes, I bought a laptop lunchbox. It is extremely nice and I was amazed at how thick the plastic is on the thing. I had been eyeballing the lunches put together by Jennifer over at Vegan Lunchbox, and since I was going to buy her book, I decided to buy the lunchbox too. It's really cool. Here's my first bento creation:

Mandarin oranes, dried cranberries with almonds, rice, brocolli and vegan sour cream to dip them in, plus a fig jam heart sandwich and a peanut butter sheep sandwich. I was bored last night, what can I say? Oh, and don't forget the candy cane! I was having too much fun with the cookie cutters last night. I call this my "I heart sheep" lunch :oP Ok, feel free to make fun of me now.

I also did what Wednesdays are for:

Two more skeins of red roving. I don't know if the first two have arrived in Indy yet, but these are also for that cause if the original two skeins sell. Here's a close up:

Tonight is the camera club Christmas party. I'm not looking forward to the party because it will have lots of food, and probably very little that I can eat. I'm bringing vegan carob chip cookies so that I can at least have something sweet while there. I am also going to have to cook the squash casserole for my work Christmas party tomorrow. I don't know how I'm going to keep it hot until dinner is served at 6. Oh well, it will just be cold squash I guess.

Knit on...

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