Friday, December 22, 2006

Last Minute

I always wait until the last minute to make sure I have everything done and ready to go on vacation. This trip is no exception to that rule. It all began yesterday when people started passing out gift cards at work and I realized I didn't have any to give since I was expecting anything. So, off to Starbies I went and got a bunch of 5 buck gift cards. Now watch, none of the people I need to give them to will show up today. They should since we get a 1/2 day and get paid for it...anyways.

Last night I exchanged presents with my grandparents right after work. I wasn't expecting anything from them since they sunk 300 bucks into my spinning wheel for my Christmas present, but they bought me a shirt set and a makeup kit anyways. That was very nice of them and I appreciate it a lot. DBF and I gave them each a 15 dollar gift card to their favorite stores plus a 15 dollar Fazoli's gift card so they can go out to lunch on us. I made Grandpa the pair of socks you have been watching me knit and I gave Grandma some dish cloths seeing as she really wanted some. I also gave them candy and nuts in the stocking as well.

After that, I went over to DBF's place and met him there after work (he got off early last night) so we could go see Eragon (did you know that Eragon is only one letter off from dragon? Just put a D instead of E...DBF found this out due to Spell Check). It was pretty good. I now want a pet dragon so I can ride it. Anyways...

Tonight DBF and I will exchange gifts and then he will go play at the UK game tonight. Lucky dog...I still have never been to a game even though I went to college there. Oh well. While he's there, I will pack. I very well may have to pack two suitcases, one for presents, one for clothing. The sweaters I knit for Mom and Dad take up a lot of room and then I got several more from my grandparents to take down there as well. At least none are wrapped, so I don't have to worry about them being destroyed going through security, especially the bottles of cologne.

Hope everyone has a very merry Christmas and doesn't get snowed in. I'll be sitting in Florida, playing by the pool. Ha ha... :oP

Knit on...

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