Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Look, a Sock!

This is the finished sock for my grandpa's Christmas present. I think for my grandparents, I'm going to go out and buy a stocking for each of them and stuff them full of little goodies like socks and dishcloths and their gift cards. Oh, and here's a dishcloth. I made two more yesterday at my lunch break: This is just a plain 30 stitch 12 row double crochet dishcloth. I can do two or more in an hour, so they work up quickly. My grandmother loves crocheted dishcloths more than knit ones, so crochet it is. Personally, I like knitted ones better since they have a better scrubby surface.

I got to thinking last night in between banging my head on the table and looking up coal depositional environments for my final exam that I have yet to post a picture of the giant Christmas tree that is dominating the front room. Without further ado... This is DBF's giant tree, trimmed in sparkly garland with a ton of Halmark ornaments and real candy canes. I couldn't get the whole tree in either. There's a pretty fiber optic angel on top of there too.
I came home last night and worked furiously on my final exam. After a couple of hours working on that, I decided I needed a coffee break, so I drove to Starbies to meet up with some of the SnB'ers. I stayed there for about an hour and cast on the second sock for my grandpa and got maybe a quarter of an inch done on the thing. I really enjoyed the company and the peppermint mocha (go, I know you want one now. Just go and get one), but I only stayed for a little bit since that final was screaming at me to go complete it. I'm not done yet, but I intend to work on it at lunch today and this afternoon if it's completely slow again. If not, then I'll lock myself in my house tonight and not come out until that final exam is in printable condition.
Plus I'll knit a sock. A girl has to knit you know...
Knit on...

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