Friday, December 15, 2006

I Would Like to Thank the Academy

Last night was the camera club Christmas party. I made vegan chocolate chip cookies to bring, so I'll start out with that fiasco first. I used the recipe from the book Vegan Lunchbox for the "back to school chocolate chip cookies". Now it calls for lining the cookie sheet with parchment paper and then spraying it down with cooking spray. I didn't have any parchment paper, so I said, "Surely these will come out fine if I just load the cookie sheet down with cooking spray, right?" Wrong. These are the best tasting cookies I have eaten in a long time (they outrank the snickerdoodles for me now), but they look like hell. They stuck to the bottom of the cookie sheet. I used the spatula on them and tore them all to hell. I ate the broken pieces and had a good laugh about how to tell people why I didn't bring anything to eat, then scooped up the rest of the pieces into a pie pan, covered them with foil, and left for the club.

I got there about 7:30 after driving past the damn place about 15 times. I called my grandparents to see if they knew where it was, I called DBF's mom, but her cell phone was off, then I finally flagged down a student and asked them where the cottage was. Thankfully she knew and told me that the driveway was really hard to see at night. Telling this to someone who has night blindness is just cruel. I drove past it again, circled back and finally made it into the parking lot. Next time, scope places out during the day, Leah. I knew what the building looked like, and I saw it each time I drove past it. I just couldn't figure out where the hell to park. Oh well, I got there.

We looked at pictures of penguins from Antarctica, then they gave out awards. The past two years I have won both beginning categories. This year, I was in intermediate, and I knew I was in the running for an award there, but I also knew it would be very close. People were surprised when my name was called for Intermediate Photographer of the Year. The other person who was so close to me points-wise won a ton of first places in the competition, but while she was winning 1st, I was winning 2, 3, and honorable mention which gave me a higher amount of points. Woo-hoo!

I worked some more on grandpa's sock. I'm almost to the heel flap now. I always like getting to the heel because I feel like I'm 1/2 way there. The second half of the sock always seems to go faster for me for some reason. It's the same amount of stitches, so I don't know why I feel this way, I just do.

Tonight is the office Christmas party. I made vegan squash casserole which we'll see how well it turns out. It normally calls for condensed cream of chicken soup, so I bought a vegan substitute and I've never tried it before. Hopefully it doesn't taste all funky. We'll see.

Have a great weekend, everyone.

Knit on...

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