Monday, October 22, 2007

A Finished Stole and a New Project

This weekend was fairly lazy for me. On Saturday, I watched the UK/UF game and yelled at the TV while over at my friend Erica's. She has a big screen TV which made the losing a little more tolerable, but it still sucked. I did however finish the Mystery Stole 3 while over at her new house (It rocks by the way). After the game, I went out to dinner with Dana and some of her friends. It was nice to meet all of them. Dana gave me some nice dice sock stitch markers, but my camera really didn't like those for some reason. I'll try to get a better picture sometime this week.

Sunday was a lazy day. I didn't do anything. It wasn't until I was about to fall asleep that I realized I was supposed to call Erica and not the other way around. But, I guess I needed a lazy day. I cleaned some, and of course, I blocked the lace.In the morning, I tried to block the lace using only pins. I didn't have nearly enough pins nor enough patience for that. It looked really bad and my grandmother even commented on if it was supposed to look like that. So, after church let out, I ran over to Home Depot and bought some flexible coated wire and made my own makeshift blocking wires. I'm too cheap to shell out the money for real ones, so my 6 buck alternative sounded better. Here's the wing:
It looks kinda like feathers anyways. With the help of my grandmother, here is the stole being modelled:
Not 100% how I feel about this thing right now. I probably should have made the symmetrical version since my OCD is kicking in and saying it's not even! It looks all right though. One last parting shot of the stole:At least it's done. I also started a new project yesterday and finished it. I've been seeing everyone knitting those calorimetry headbands, so I jumped on the wagon yesterday and knit one up. It's pretty nice, but next time I'll be making the smaller size. It's warm though.This is my "It's 9 at night, I'm sleepy, and I have aweful hair today" look. Sexy, ain't it?...I also decided that this looks much better if I let my hair down. If not, it kinda looks like a bonnet on top of my head. I still like it though and it only took me a little over an hour to knit it.

DF called yesterday and that was really nice. He sent me a link to his Korean pictures, so I'll post that on here tomorrow if I remember. I wish that I were over there right now. I really do miss him, but at least I know that I'll eventually get over there. He went to church with his co-teacher on Sunday and then watched a movie that was all in Korean. I think I better work on my Korean a lot before I head over there :oP

Today I'm in work meetings all day. Joy. I wish I were able to knit while having to sit there. Oh well.

Knit on...


Brian said...

Hey, the stole looks pretty cool! That's a lot coming from me! :OP That hat thing looks really cool on you too, just like all the other hats I like for you to wear. I miss you too. We'll be together soon. DF

KellesBelles said...

The mystery stole looks beautiful! I love the colors!

Oh and I totally know what you mean about Calorimetry! I knitted one and it was huge, even when I had the exact I will eventually make another attempt and make it smaller. I have no clue how the pictures on Knitty look so nice and everyone else makes them and they come out huge.

Dana said...

The stole is gorgeous- just like I knew it would be. :) Try casting on 92 sts for the calorimetry... that's what I did, and it is more of a reasonable size. It was great seeing you at dinner! :)