Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Have Needles, Will Travel

Yep, today is Tuesday which means that it's SnB at ReBelle at noon. Kim said she'll be there and I know I'll be there today, so hopefully we'll have a few more. I'll probably work on the Jaywalker some more there since I didn't get to knit much last night.

DF and I played poker last night. My friend Erica met us there to have dinner with us and to learn to play. I was telling her how nice everyone is at poker and of course, the first thing that happens, is a yelling match between two players over a stupid chair. Remind me not to open my mouth like that again unless I see who's going to be playing. Erica looked over at me when all the yelling was going on and I just shrugged. They really are normally a good group. Must have just been a bad day for those two.

We all sucked last night. DF finished 8, I finished 9, Erica finished somewhere below that. She was starting to get a little bit better by the end of the night. I'm going to let her borrow my PS2 poker game so she can learn betting a little bit easier.

Tonight, DF and I are going to spend some time together. It's hit last night here before he leaves tomorrow morning. The good news is that I'm finally starting to get a few nibbles in some of the cities right around where DF will be. I also have been getting some information that there are tons of private schools in that city and that there shouldn't be a problem with finding a job. We'll see how that works out. Speaking of, I won't be blogging tomorrow more than likely. I'm taking the day off work to take DF to the airport and then my grandparents are taking me to the horse races later in the day. The Jaywalker will be coming with me for sure, so hopefully I'll have a finished one to show you on Thursday.

Knit on...


Dana said...

Aww Leah, I hate he's leaving without you but you'll be joining him soon. :) I can't wait to see the sock in person next weekend! :)

asterpurl said...

Thinking of you and sending happy travel thoughts to your DF!