Friday, October 26, 2007

Some New Lace, and a Cat With a Sock

Yesterday, I was looking at the chart I came up with while in the never-ending meeting on Wednesday and decided that I needed to go get the yarn so that I could get started on this. I am planning on going down to Florida with my grandparents over Thanksgiving to visit my parents, so I would like to be done with all their Christmas presents by then. Since I only have to finish my dad's, I figured this is a very realistic goal. So after work, I ran over to ReBelle, picked out some bulk sport-weight merino wool and started working on it when I got home.

I went over to Erica's after getting the yarn to hang out for a little while. I drank coffee and knit, but I was hindered by a certain feline named Mojo.So I said to myself, if Mojo wants the sock so bad, he can model the thing for me. There's the progress on the sock.

After Erica's, I came home and spent 30 minutes winding yarn. It wasn't just the massive supply of sport-weight merino to wind, but another hank of cascade 220 for DF's sweater and a skein of pretty dark blue koigu PPM that Emily gave me about a year ago. It has been marinating in the stash long enough, so it is going to be turned into Broad Street Mittens from Knitty. The yarn is super soft and I've been keeping an eye out for a project to use it on. After I wound all the yarn, I began to knit:This looks much better in person, but it's a dove motif that I designed. Once I get a few rows of plain stockinette done, I'll be adding a cross motif to the top of this. This will be a lectern cover for my dad's church. The grand plan is to make different colored backings for this to match the church seasons and have this be an interchangeable piece. Lace for everyone this year!

That's it for today. I get to go see John Mellencamp on Sunday :oP DF won tickets by entering a contest online, ironically, from Korea. I wish he were here to go with me. Weekends get kinda lonely around here without him. At least I have a good group of friends that help me keep busy and keep telling me that I'll be over there soon. Come on job!

Knit on...

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