Sunday, October 28, 2007

Some Days

You know, some days just suck worse than others. When DF left for Korea, I cried at the airport, I cried on the way home, and then I never really stopped crying, although I can go for a few days before it hits. I do OK during the week when I have work to occupy 90% of my time, but then the weekend hits and I realize just how much this sucks. I looked at the calendar and today was the day that I was originally supposed to fly out to Korea had I taken the job in Gwangyang. So that kinda gets me down. To add insult to injury, I have managed to catch a cold and have been feeling pretty crappy since last night and I'm missing the Mellencamp concert tonight. So far, I haven't even knit a single stitch today. I did talk to DF some on the phone and a little more on the computer. And big surprise here, I cried. I thought that things would still work out with him in Naju and that I'd be able to find something. There are 3 private schools there that DF is going to check out for me, but that appears to be the only thing even remotely looking promising. I know this is one of those rambling posts where I get nothing accomplished but sitting here, whining, and crying, but it just sucks. At least DF is safe. I couldn't imagine what it would be like if he were somewhere unstable like Iraq. I would have had a complete emotional breakdown by now if that were the case, I'm sure. He's getting to explore a whole new country and I can at least live through him while I get to sit here, work, and spend my weekends wishing I were there and we could be together again. I know things will work out. We love each other and that can get us through anything I believe. In the meantime though, I'll probably still cry and miss him more and more each day.

I did accomplish something yesterday though. I taught my friend Erica how to knit.

She knit three rows all on her own and now she'll probably become obsessed like I am. She managed to get the hand of casting on pretty easy too. A new knitter is born.

And an old knitter needs to blow her nose and try to knit some too.

ETA: I finished the lace lectern cover and I'm doing better now. I just needed to whine today apparently. Being sick sucks arse and it's even harder when DF is not here to bring me my consoling blizzard :oP

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