Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Who Needs Brakes?

Nah, I don't need them. That's apparently why my car decided to get rid of them this morning. I started on my way to work, but when I hit the breaks, nothing was happening. So, I slowed down (thankfully it was frosty on my window, so I wasn't going too fast) enough to turn around and head back home. My grandma was nice enough to give me a ride to work today, but it still sucks that the brakes have gone out on my car. This could be the end of it unless it can be fixed cheaply. Blah.

I knit another two cable repeats on DF's sweater, but that was all I was able to get done yesterday. I had gone home straight from work and went to bed. I woke up around 9 and talked to DF on the computer for a while. After that, I went to bed and didn't wake up until the alarm went off at 6, so I guess that was good. I still want to sleep some more, but hopefully one more good night of sleep will get rid of whatever else is hanging on with this cold.

Pictures tomorrow, but until then, here's some spinning that DF saw in Naju, South Korea.

Knit on...

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