Thursday, October 18, 2007

So Close

I'm so close to finishing the mystery stole now. I'm almost done with clue 6 and then it's just clue 7 and done. I think I have about 26 rows left before bind off. I'm just so close, but those rows keep growing along the way, so I'm still so far away.

But, I'm hoping that between lunch and the time I have to kill between getting off work and dinner with DF's mom, sister, and niece, that I should be either really close to finishing, or I'll be done with it. I'd love to be done with the thing tonight or tomorrow so that I can block it this weekend when I have lots of time to really block it right.

The wing looks about the same as it did yesterday, so I won't bore you with the same picture.

Last night was the Earth Science Open House here at work. We had a ton of people there. I ran the fossil dig like I always do and there was just a steady stream of kids. It was nice to see that many people there, especially after last year when it rained and we had sever weather, so it was mostly just us employees staring at each other from across the blank room.

On the Korean front, I'm still on stand by. The office of education sounds like they may be trying to work out a compromise and may be able to find me something in Naju. We'll see what develops. For now though, all my recruiters have been notified and they're all working to see what they can offer. Hopefully something will work out here soon.

Knit on...


Dana said...

Man, sounds like your stole is turning into a big of a slog... rows that get longer near the end are my arch enemy! LOL! Glad your work event went well- I'd bet it was fun to watch those kids run around digging in the dirt for fossils... I know I would have fun doing that! :)

robyn said...

So does this mean you will be pulling out the dragon again? ;)