Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Rain, Glorious Rain

Yes, it does rain in Kentucky! I almost took out the camera yesterday and filmed it for proof that it can and does actually rain here. We really need it, but at least we're not as bad as California and Georgia right now. I feel sorry for them since it's gotten out of control there.

Yesterday I was stuck in meetings for a good majority of the day. At least I didn't have to do any real work, but still, meetings kinda suck. It did make the day go by pretty fast at least. I walked outside at 4 and was met by a downpour, and of course I had no umbrella, so I got in my exercise for the day and ran to the car.

I went to play poker last night and I actually did pretty good for once. I finished second in the game that would never end, so I'm pretty happy with that. I really wanted to win the whole thing, but at least I still got points for second. I knit and worked on the Jaywalker sock which looks like this now:My stupidly unreachable goal for today is to be done with this sock. It seems like I always have these unreachable goals on Tuesdays, thinking that I will get in so much knitting time between lunch SnB and evening SnB. Who knows, maybe I'll surprise myself today :oP Don't hold your breath there.

Knit on...

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robyn said...

I predict that you will reach your goal today.