Tuesday, November 06, 2007

The Day I Stop Aging

Today is the day that I celebrate my arrival on this earth. 25 years ago, I came into the world, and the rest is history. Today is also the day that I stop aging. From this point on, I will always refer to myself as 25. Some people wait until 30 to do this, but I thought I would get a head start.

When I got home yesterday from work, I was greeted by a package from Erica in California. I tore open the package, unwrapped each item, and then took this picture.She gave me a nice knitting bag, a notebook with graph paper in it, and a wool dryer to help dry out my sweaters and things. I loved it all! The notebook is perfect since I have been doing some lace charting and stuff like that, and I was wondering how to dry my sweaters now that it's a balmy 35 degrees this morning. Happy birthday, here, have a cold front :oP Thanks so much, Erica!

I also finished another 2 cable repeats on DF's sweater and I worked on the Broad Street Mitten. Let me just say that this pattern reads weird. I'm figuring it out, but it just reads odd and can be hard to figure out where you're going next. Here's what I've got so far:Two fingers done, two to go, then a thumb, then a mitten cover. It's a little too big right now, but not enough that I'm worried about it. I have skinny hands (only thing on me that's skinny), so all patterns will be a little loose on me unless I change that.

Today at lunch, I will eat Red Velvet Cake and celebrate with the girls over at ReBelle. This evening I will have key lime pie (WW version for those who wonder) with the SnB at Jane's.

Knit on...


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday from Korea! I wish I could give you a birthday hug and smooch. Love, DF

Katie said...

happy birthday!