Thursday, November 01, 2007

State of the Economy

I thought it was funny last night, but there must have been at least 20 kids in Charlie Brown inspired sheet ghost costumes. I was wondering if this was a state of the economy today, or if this was just a lazy year. The highlight of the evening was a little kid in a lady bug costume who crashed into our door and then just giggled incessantly the whole time we gave him a piece of candy. I wrapped up in Luanne's Harry Potter scarf and knit on DF's sweater while the little ghosts and goblins came to the door. It was fun and cute and I got quite a bit done on the sweater.I'm two cable repeats away from being done with the back of the sweater. I would have stayed up to finish that last night, but I was sleepy and decided to just finish it today. It's always nice to know that you're done with a third of a sweater after doing the back panel.

I drove my new van today to work. It feels weird sitting up that high, but I do have to admit that I like it. I can even see much better in the dark, so maybe I just need that extra height to be able to see better. Anyways, it's a much better ride than anything else I've ever owned and it's certainly a tank.

Finally, I'll leave you with a video of Spooky. The rabbit was doing a very cute playing thing with a quilted ball yesterday, so I had to film it :oP

Knit on...


Ann said...

I don't think I've ever seen a rabbit be that mobile! Very cute bunny.

Hooray for sweater progress! It looks great.

And hooray for having a well-functioning vehicle!

Kim Colley said...

Surely sheets are more expensive now than cheap made-in-China polyester/lead costumes.

Zabet said...


I love videos of Spooky. They are my fave!

What is going to happen to Spooky when you go to Korea? I just realized I didn't know!

Knitting Magic Girl said...

Spooky will be given a new home when I leave for Korea. I have a few people who seem interested in taking her and I would feel comfortable with them since I know she'd be as spoiled then as she is now :oP