Tuesday, November 13, 2007

It Comes In Threes

This morning, I was reading the paper when I noticed that one of the people from work was in the obituary section. He had cancer and had been fighting it for a long time and he lost that fight yesterday. I never really knew the guy, only met him once I think, but it's just weird how this year has been so rough at work because of death. I'm sure I'll find out more details once everyone else gets in to work. They'll probably call us all downstairs again.

On a lighter note, I got quite a bit of knitting done on DF's sweater yesterday. Here is it at the armhole decrease section:Hopefully I'll get some more done at lunch SnB and then at home before the Wizard Rock concert. I'd really like to be done with the front panel by this weekend so that all I'll have left is the arms and I can finish those on the drive to and from Florida for Thanksgiving.

Pictures tomorrow of Harry Potter-ish fun and hopefully some armholes on a sweater, or maybe progress on a forgotten sock.

Knit on...

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