Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Home Again

Well, we made record time on the way home and arrived back here around noon. I took off once I dumped my bags in my room and headed in to work. I'm now catching up on all my emails and seeing what needs to be done in the next three days before I take off for Korea. After work, I have to go pick up Spooky from Erica's and bring the rabbit back home.

For anyone who was wondering how Spooky would do with a bunch of cats, we found out the answer. She scared the crap out of them. Erica said that Mia wouldn't come out of the corner the entire time that Spooky was in the room. Spooky seemed unphased by all the cats and was quite content to be around them which really did surprise me since she hates the smell of cats. I guess she got used to it.

Anyways, I think I'll run to SnB tonight and try to finish the rest of my broad street mitten. It'll be close to see if I can finish the whole thing tonight, but I'm already half way done with the thing. Just need to add some fingers and a mitten shell and then they're ready to wear.

Pictures tomorrow of the knitwear, whether it's finished or not!

Knit on...

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