Thursday, November 08, 2007

Insert Witty Title Here

I'm too lazy to think of a better title this morning, so that's what you get. For some reason, I'm extra sleepy this morning. I think it might just be the cold weather and the need for a space heater in my bedroom. Hopefully tonight will be better when I pull out the heater and have a little more warmth in my room. Anyways, on to yesterday.

Last night, I went to my church to help out with a program called Room in the Inn. We take in 15 homeless guys for 5 months. They alternate a different night at a different church, so they get exposed to a lot of different denominations that way. We feed them, house them, and give them some clothing each week. It's getting pretty cold out now, so I want to make them scarves and I made the first one yesterday at lunch.

The cranky knitting thing is actually the Innovations Knitting Machine. It's a handy little thing, but a lot of people complain about dropped stitches on it. I found that if I tension the yarn tight, dropped stitches just don't really happen, even if I'm in a cranking race or something. It churned out an 8 foot long scarf within an hour at lunch. I forgot to bring it back today, but I need to work on DF's sweater if I'm going to stay on track to my finish goal for it. Turns out that on Monday I'll be going to our western KY office, so I'll get about 7 hours of knitting in then while we drive there and back that day. It'll probably make for a rather long day though.

I forgot to take a picture of the scarf last night, but I'll have pictures of it and some other knitting tomorrow.

Knit on...

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