Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Just a Tree

Last night I went to the Whomping Willows concert downtown. There were probably around 20-30 of us, a pretty equal mix between SnBers and some other random people. I got all dressed up in Slytherin regalia to boot. I was the only one there who dressed up, but at least Harry Potter costumes don't stand out like a sore thumb when it's really too hot to wear the robes. Well, blogger is being a pain this morning and won't let me upload pictures. I'll try and post some later in the day, and if not, then I'll have pictures and hopefully video tomorrow.

ETA: Blogger is letting me post pictures now, so here ya go. First up, my Slytherin costume.Next up is me with The Whomping Willow:He was a good sport, even though his guitar strings broke twice in the concert. I always hated watching that happen to my parents when they were playing. He pushed on through it though and we all still had a blast.

The last picture is of the first gift I received from the contest I randomly won on the Christian Knitters group on Ravelry. This one is from Anxious Dog. Thanks so much! I had just seen this color of Noro at ReBelle last week and really liked it, so I'm super excited to have a skein of it now! She also included a pattern for a hat. I may make this tonight if I need a change before heading over to Room in the Inn to help set up. We'll see. I should make some good progress on the front panel of DF's sweater at lunch too. I'm finally at the v-neck part. Here's the prize:Tomorrow, I should have a video of Whompy up, assuming YouTube lets me upload it. There was a problem with that this morning too. Oh well!

Knit on...

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robyn said...

You should wear ties all of the time, you look great!!