Monday, November 05, 2007

Eating, Hiking, Cleaning, Knitting

Yep, those four words describe my entire weekend. I spent Saturday morning eating pancakes, biscuits with vegetarian gravy (actually better than it sounded to me), and hashbrown casserole. We had the whole family over to celebrate my grandparents' birthdays and my birthday, so that was nice. After I had stuffed my face full of food, I grabbed my camera equipment, picked up Erica, and went to the Gorge to do some hiking. We got lost on the trail we were on, but we eventually picked it back up and made it out OK. Note: Do not use the Sierra Club guide to hiking the Red. It sucks. No scale, no legend, no north-south arrow even to figure out where you are on the trail map. Anyways, I took some film shots, but none on my digital camera, so just use your imagination. I'll be going back next week I think, so maybe I'll get some digital shots then.

Sunday, I cleaned. I cleaned my desk which now looks like this:You should have seen it before. I couldn't convince anyone that there was a desk under all the mess there. I cleaned the rest of the room too, but it wasn't as eventful as the desk. We'll see how long I can keep it clean now.

I also knit. I got two cable repeats done on DF's sweater.If you look close, you can see that I put one on top of the other so that size can be matched. Hopefully I'll get two more repeats done at lunch and maybe more tonight. I also worked on the mitten and finished the thumb gussets.This thing flies when you actually work on it. I only worked on it a little last night while watching the Amazing Race, but it came right along.

Speaking of, watching the Amazing Race with my grandparents is not nearly as much fun as with DF. I would comment on "That's Amazing!" and they wouldn't get it. DF, we have too many AR jokes and I need to be watching this with you! :oP I'm taping it for him, so he'll be able to watch it later at least!

Anyways, that's it for today. Tomorrow is my birthday. It also happens to be the birthday that I stop aging. I finally caught up with both my mother and my grandmother, so all is well :oP

Knit on...

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