Thursday, November 15, 2007

A Reminder

Yesterday, I decided to be nice and give a coworker a ride home since he walks in to work and it was pouring down rain. So, we hop in my van, head towards his house, and then the van breaks down. At least it broke down right in front of his house, so it could have been worse and happened on the middle of a major road or something. So, I call AAA, get the van towed to the shop, and I'm steaming the entire way. I didn't need the van to break down. You never need something to break down, but you really don't want it happening after you just bought a plane ticket to South Korea and are trying not to use your credit cards. I was pissed because I was going to be late to Room in the Inn and I had a few errands I was supposed to run between getting off work and heading over there.

It's in moments like these that you can hear God whisper in your ear. Dangit, all I wanted to do was be mad for a little bit. Nope, I hear it very clear:

You're angry about your car, but you have a car. You're upset because you'll be late to help set up for Room in the Inn, but you have a home. You're complaining and you are well provided for. Stop being pissy about the van and remember what's important. Be in good spirits and go help the guys at Room in the Inn and remember what you have and they don't.

So I hopped in the put-put truck and headed over to the church to set up for Room in the Inn. I was in a better place by then and helped put out food for the guys and ate a nice dinner with everyone. Prior to that, I was thinking about skipping dinner and just heading home, but I decided to stay for dinner and I'm glad that I did. It was good fellowship and it put me in a better mind. Of course as soon as I hopped in the truck again, I remembered the van woes and got a little pissy again.

When I got home, DF had logged onto his computer, so we talked over the computer for a bit and he cheered me up even more. By the time I went to bed, I didn't care about the van. I was in a warm bed, warm house, had food in my belly, and knew I was loved by the man that I love and had been cheered up by him like he always does when I'm in a bad mood. Sure, I vented to him, but he's good at listening to be vent about stuff. Even thousands of miles apart, he has that ability to cheer me up.

OK, that's how the day went. Here's the sweater progress:I even started the V-neck this morning. I'm hoping to be done with the front panel by tonight. It'd be great to be done with most of it before taking off for Florida on Monday. It's feasible I think anyways. We'll see how ambitious I get!

Knit on...


Ann said...

Car troubles are one thing that can destroy my mood instantly. I'm sorry your vehicle broke; is it easy-ish and cheap-ish to fix? (She asks hopefully.) I'm glad you ended the day in a better frame of mind.

Knitting Magic Girl said...

It was the darned serpentine belt, so it's going to be a few hundred to replace it. It apparently is a defect in my particular van. There were two other vans like mine in the shop that day that had done the same thing mine did.