Thursday, November 29, 2007

There Was No Knitting, But There Was Packing

So, last night I had every intention of knitting on the second Broad Street Mitten. I also knew that I needed to do some packing, so I pulled out the suitcases and started packing up DF's stuff that his family is sending him. I managed to get his suitcase packed and weighing 48 pounds, so hopefully my scale is right and I won't have to pay any extra at the counter on Saturday. I also had to run out and pick up a carry-on bag and I found one for 10 bucks. I figured that was the best deal I was going to get, so 10 bucks later, I was packing the carry-on bag. It's almost all packed now except for the computer and the video camera which is charging.

I knew I would be scrambling last minute, but now I know that I will be. I'm planning on doing a lot of packing tonight on my main suitcase so that I can have less to worry about on Friday. Hopefully I am able to remember everything and I won't be completely forgetting something major.

Tonight I also plan in finishing the mittens. I have a doctor appointment at lunch today, so I should get some good time in there while waiting for the doctor.

Knit on...

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