Monday, November 12, 2007

A Day of Driving

I'm back from the trip to the western office now and I have a wireless connection, at least until it decides to fade out again, so I thought I would post about yesterday tonight. I went to the Red River Gorge on Saturday with Erica and her roomate, his ex, and one of her co-workers. I was looking forward to a day of hiking and enjoying the fall colors. Here's a muted digital shot of said colors:This was taken from Chimney Top Rock. They decided that instead of a day of hiking, it would be a day of driving. They wanted to do a driving loop through the gorge, with two stops, one at Chimney Top and one at Sky Bridge. Here's Sky Bridge and a certain knitter/photographer:

Sky Bridge is a sandstone arch that is pretty famous in the gorge. Both of the formations we visited were easily accessible with paved trails, less than 1/4 mile long. When I think of hiking, I think of dirt trails at the best, at least a mile, and in the woods, not on a paved path. I think the little bit of walking wore out the rest of the crew with the exception of me and Erica. I enjoyed the company, but I was really hoping for much more hiking and a whole heck of a lot more driving. Erica's roommate was really nice and topped off my gas tank at the end of the day, so at least the drive didn't cost me 50 bucks on top of everything.

Sunday, I cranked out scarves after church. I knew I wouldn't get any cranked out today since I'd be on the road and probably would get back too late to feel like cranking out a scarf. I may try to get one done anyways. I also knit in the car today and am to the armhole decreases on the front panel of DF's sweater. I'm hoping to get some more done tonight and get started on the V neck by tomorrow's SnB.

Speaking of tomorrow, instead of the usual Tuesday night SnB at Jane's, we're instead going to a WIzard Rock concert with the Whomping Willows and Bertie Bott's Every Flavor Band. Yep, it's Harry Potter, gives me a chance to wear that cloak I made and the Slytherin tie I bought, and it's live music, all with a Harry Potter theme to it. It should be fun anyways, but I doubt I will get much knitting done.

Until tomorrow, knit on...


ericah64 said...

Slytherin? SLYTHERIN? Oh, KMG, I'm soooo disappointed in you.... ;-D

Dana said...

YEAAA for Harry Potter bands! I'm sure you're having a blast right now... so jealous!

Sorry the hike didn't turn out the way you wanted. The colors around here have been very disappointing because of the lack of rain.

Can't wait to see updated pics of the sweater! :)

Jane said...

I hadn't realized that there were Harry Potter themed bands out there - that's what I get for only playing oldie-moldies from the 70s {g}.. Hope you don't mind, but I just tagged you for a MeMe