Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Some Knitting, Some Cake Eating

Yesterday, I had two small birthday celebrations, both of which involved the SnB group. At lunch, I drug Kathy over to ReBelle where we met Kim, Sarah, and Katie and knit and ate red velvet cake. It tasted really good and I enjoyed the knitting and the company. I even bought myself a small birthday present:Lorna's Laces, what else? I bought two skeins of the Turquoise solid. These will become Hedera socks. Plus, it helps to increase my Lorna's Laces stash :oP

After work, I ran over to see DF's mom since it was her birthday too. I gave her the presents from me and DF and talked with her for a while before running to Walmart to buy two giant skeins of Red Heart. Yeah, I know, Red Heart, but it's for charity knitting. I am making 15 scarves for the men involved in a program for our church called Room in the Inn. I borrowed Jane's cranky tube-maker and I intend to crank out 15 scarves by the next Room in the Inn.

I went to evening SnB after talking to DF on the phone. It was nice to hear him, but I wish I could see him. At least I'll get to visit here sometime soon, so that will be nice. I worked on his sweater and here's where that stands:I'm about 1/3 of the way done with the front panel now. Hopefully after some knitting tonight and at lunch, it'll be closer to half way done. At lunch, Kathy is going to use the cranky tube maker (I'll take a picture of it, I'm rather fascinated with it and really should just buy my own to use for charity knitting stuff) and I'm going to work on the sweater. I really should be working on the mitten too since it was freaking cold this morning and my hands told me they would really like some wool warmth wrapped around them sometime soon.

Tonight I'm volunteering at the church for this Room in the Inn program. We're taking in 15 homeless men and giving them a place to stay, clean up, and get a good meal. My grandparents have been volunteering for this program at their church for a couple of years now, so I thought I would give it a shot at mine. I think I get laundry duty, so that sounds fairly easy at least. I just want to crank out scarves to give them all since it's rather cold now and I know they could all use them.

Knit on...


Zabet said...

Happy Birthday! Sorry I missed the festivities at Jane's. :(

Dana said...

You have such a good heart, Leah. I think the scarves are a great idea. Where does one get a cranky-tube thing? I'd kinda like to have one, myself. :)

And I'm glad you had fun @ your birthday festivities! :)