Friday, November 02, 2007

Happy Friday

Happy Friday to everyone. I get to be in meetings once again today, so I should be able to get a good nap in if nothing else. I don't have any pictures today because I was lazy when I got home from Erica's last night and I went to bed instead of taking a picture of the finished back of DF's sweater. If I have wireless internet tomorrow, I may post a picture then. I know you all are really worried and wanting to see the finished back and all... :oP

This weekend is about birthday celebrating, at least Saturday is. My grandparents' birthdays (yes, they're the same day) were on Monday this week and my birthday is on Tuesday next week. DF's is on Thursday next week too, so I have to eat extra pancakes for him at the breakfast on Saturday :oP

Pictures on Monday at the latest. Maybe I'll make some good progress on the front of the sweater this weekend too.

Knit on...

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