Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Knitting, Poker, and F&^%%ing pocket queens

OK, so last night, I had two revelations that will impact my life greatly. First, the reason I have not been doing well at Poker is because I have not been knitting at the tables. Second, the reason my stockinette stitch looks twisted is because I have been purling wrong since the day I learned to purl...

OK, the second revelation came during the day when Kathy looks at my purling and told me I was wrapping the yarn the wrong way. How have I gone this long purling the wrong way? I've made several sweaters, purses, scarves, and other things and have been purling the wrong way. I never even thought to change it. I guess now I'll have to work on making the right way habit...after I finish the MDK After Dark Nighty.

The first revelation hit me shortly after dinner when I was soaking in a tub of bubbles and hot water. I started to think about poker (it's usually Magic thinking when I'm in the tub, but poker came up last night) and realized that the two times I had won at the league, I had been knitting. I started thinking more and realized that I have not made a final table unless I have been knitting or crocheting. Things that make you go hmmm...

So I grabbed the nighty, crammed her in my purse and ran off to the bar where we play. It was hotter than hades in there, but at least it had malibu rum and diet coke and beer. I wipped out the WIP and all the guys at my table stared rather puzzled, but one of them remembered me from the other league when I won.

"Watch out guys, she's serious now"

They all chuckled. I put them out, one by one. Each time on a purl row. I don't play hands unless I'm purling. I got moved to another table with DBF and put two people out in the same hand. Yep, Purl row too. I knit my little hands off and kept winning. I then went on a losing streak.

I got to the final table. I go all in blind. I have A 7 of clubs. The river hits the nut flush. Yep, purl row. I double up and practically do it again. I knock the big chip stack out. I'm now chip leader! DBF is sitting there pretty short stacked. OK, not just pretty short stacked, he was getting close to a chip and a chair.

Then they come...the pocket queens. I nudge DBF to fold his hand because I'm taking this pot. he gets the hint after I slam his knee under the table and folds. I go all in. The other guy calls...with A 6 off suit. Yep, you guessed it, he hit an A. I tried to come back, but I couldn't. I finished 3rd.

Now, you'll remember that DBF is very shortstacked. We all assume he's about to go out. Well, after a few doubling ups, he takes the chip lead! The other guy goes all in. DBF and I look at his cards and there, staring back at us are two cowboys. Yep, that's pocket kings for those of you who don't know poker lingo. It's one of the best hands you can have in heads up poker. He calls immediately and...

DBF wins! He wins the tournaments! A chip and a chair, baby!

So, tonight is poker again. Guess I better bring the nighty with me again!

Knit on...

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