Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Lacy Karma

I was karma's bitch last night it seems. I didn't take any pictures of the mess that is one skein of Helen's Lace, but while at SnB last night, I thought that I would just go ahead and wind up one skein into a center-pull ball. So, I borrowed Jane's swift and went to town. I always wind my skeins into a ball first and then rewind them a second time so that if they are stored, the yarn won't stretch out as bad as it would if I left it in its original state.

I had said that I wouldn't cast on for the dragon shawl last night, but truth be told, I was probably going to. I was going to have a ball of yarn and needles there with me along with the pattern, so it was inevitable. So while I was winding the ball for the second time, karma slapped me in the face and told me to finish the damn slog before I go any further with the lace.

The first skein of Helen's lace is now in three smaller center-pull balls because it turned into one giant knot and broke on me three times. Thankfully, I bought two skeins of the stuff to be able to have enough for the pattern. One skein may have been enough, but I figure I can always use the extra for something else later on. Now it may be used for a lace scarf or something once the shawl is done.

So I went home after that and wound the other skein up into a ball to store it nicely. I swore I wouldn't cast on.
And I didn't. This is how this pattern is going to sit for a while until I can convince karma to leave me alone. I better work on the slog soon. I also am about to finish my dad's first sock for father's day.And here's a picture of the bobbin of llama I spun up on Monday. I'll be trying to get another bobbin done tonight so that I can ply them and have two more skeins done.
Yeah, it's blurry. The other good picture wouldn't load. Karma...

Oh, and if you see karma somewhere, give her a good kick in the arse for me...

Knit on...

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Zabet said...

That dragon shawl looks like a ball buster, if only because the damn charts arrive in a packet that weighs 5lbs! Are you going to tape your charts all together? (I recommend photocopying them first if so...)

That is on the list of "had to buy it, don't know if I'll ever knit it" heh