Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Stitching, Bitching, and a Good Riesling

You can never go wrong with that combination. Yesterday at lunch, I went to SnB with Kim, Kathy, Sarah, and Nicki and managed to get the heel turned on the Jaywalker sock.Sorry it's not a very clear picture, but there really is a heel there and I should be doing gusset decreases here shortly. I did find out that the sock is a bit snug, so for the next pair that I make (yes, I have already planned out Jaywalkers the second) I think I'll be making the large size. I like my socks to be snug, but not cut-off-my-circulation snug.

I also worked on the slog. After working on it last night at SnB at Jane's, I threw the pieces on the floor and we all concluded that it looked like a pile of black homespun barf.Yep, lovely. I was happy though since I finished the first front panel.I have a pretty good van ride this afternoon to Luanne's memorial in Indiana, so I'll be working on the second front panel the entire way there and back. I'm really hoping that I can get this blasted sweater done by this weekend. I think it's possibly. The sooner that I can seam it up and get it out of my life, the better.

Gwen at work yesterday gave me something that just tickled me to death. She had been roller skating in the parking lot at work and I said that I would love to skate again, but since I broke my ankle, rollerblades have just been out of the cards. I told her that if she was out garage sale-ing and found a pair that would fit my ginormous feet, to pick them up and I would skate with her. Well...Sure enough, she found a pair. They looked brand new too and they work well. The operator however doesn't work so well. I took them out on the sidewalk yesterday after work and tried them out. Yep, my coordination has not improved much when it comes to rolling objects and my body, but I had fun and I didn't fall flat on my arse or anything. Tomorrow at lunch, we're going to skate the parking lot with another girl from work who wants to get in on the skating in the parking lot action. I felt like a little kid. The neighbors are probably still laughing about seeing the lady next door on roller derby roller skates, arms flailing, and curses coming from her mouth.

At least no one tried to hit on me thinking that I was roller girl. Heather Graham I am not :oP

Knit on...

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trek said...

I knit Jays in the 84 stitch cast on because it is not a very flexible fabric. Fits nicely. Stays up.