Monday, June 04, 2007

My Computer Lives

And it produced pictures again!Grandma's finished socks. Yarn is some sort of unknown Opal that I picked up from Jane at SnB one night in a trade. I really like it though. Size 1 US needles, 72 stitch basic sock pattern.

Dad's started sock. I really like this Trekking colorway since it is very masculine, but stripey enough to keep me entertained and not bore me to death. The sock has already doubled in size courtesy of lunchtime knitting.

My computer did have a virus on there, but it also had some switch turned on that would keep me from getting internet access. The computer guy at work fixed it and put on some new anti-virus software for me (DBF, I'll hook you up so you can get rid of that stupid Panda message thing) that caught the dumb thing. At least now I know that it is all OK.

And on the bright side, the computer didn't need to be stripped. It would have sucked to back up 6 gigs of Itunes if it came to that...

Knit on...

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