Thursday, June 21, 2007

When there are no words...

Luanne Davis

Great friend, good person, untimely death.

She was 49 years old if my memory serves me right. She had a massive heart attack yesterday morning and left this world. I hope she's doing the haunting of certain people that she always talked about.

She never had it easy. She always struggled with her weight and was embarrassed by it, but when it came to being a friend, she would go out of her way to do whatever she could. When DBF and I had our store, she would come out once a week and we'd sit and eat chocolate malt balls from the candy store next door. She said it was her treat since that mall was so goddamn boring and chocolate would fix that for me.

Within one week, I've lost two coworkers. I worked with Theola, but Luanne I considered to be a good friend. The relationship went beyond work and I hated seeing her destroy her body the way she did. The last month that she was at work, I cooked lunches for me and her so that she wouldn't eat out. It was selfish, but I wanted to make sure that she didn't eat out and that at least I could say that I tried to help her with her problem. I don't think it helped her physically, but maybe mentally she knew that there were people who loved her, even if her family treated her like crap.

Sometimes life sucks. Thank God there's knitting.

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"Schnauzermum" said...

I am sorry to hear about Luanne. You must have been a good friend to her.