Friday, June 22, 2007

Slogging, Knitting, Remembering

Yesterday was really hard for me. I was packing up Luanne's things at work since some of her family will be coming in town next week and I wanted to make sure that everything at work was taken care of. As I was packing, I realized that she kept everything I ever gave her, even if it was just a piece of paper with something silly written on it. I really feel sorry for the new girl who started on Wednesday this week since she's been sitting here, watching me get more emotional by the minute :oP

While going through her things, I found this:

I had forgotten that I taught her how to knit. She had started a scarf for her mom, but when she told her mom about it, the lady ripped into her about how she didn't need a scarf and that the idea of her knitting was just silly. First, I don't know how you could ever say something like that to your child. Talking with Luanne's friends yesterday, that was just one in a never-ending series of chiding from her mom. Really sad. What's even sadder is that Luanne stopped knitting the day that her mom said that. So, last night, I picked up a couple of dropped stitches that happened back in the scarf and I knit some on it. It gave me a lot of comfort to knit on this some, knowing that it was what Luanne had worked on. I really want to finish the scarf for her. I want her to know that someone wanted this scarf and loved her.

I also slogged.

I'm still aggravated with the homespun. See the color difference? It's not that bad in natural non-camera-flash light, but it's still a different shade. It came from the same dye lot according to the labels...go figure. I'm really hoping to be done with the first front panel by this weekend so that I can start the second panel next week sometime.

The Jaywalkers have sat in my purse the past two days with no progress. Once I finish this panel on the slog, I'll turn the Jaywalker heel and get that moving again.

Go hug your kids if you have some and let them know that you love them and never take for granted anything that you ever give someone. You may be one of the only ones who has ever reached out to them.

Knit on...


asterpurl said...

Hey -
Just back in town from the conference and was catching up on the blog. I am SO sorry to hear about your friend. You are a good friend indeed, and I glad that you had the opportunity to add joy and light to her life!

cookie said...

How sad to lose two people in one week, and one of them a good friend.
Finish Luanne's scarf with love, and remember, she is beyond anything her mother could ever do to her now.

On another topic, I love what you did to your Magic card! Do you still play? There is a very active group here that meets where my daughter plays D&D.

Your fellow Virtual Vacationer,

Knitting Magic Girl said...

Hey, Cookie! Yeah, I still play, but haven't been playing enough here recently. Hopefully some better tournaments will come around a little closer to here. We used to have a very active community, but it's not as strong as it used to be once the main tournament store closed down.