Friday, May 26, 2006

Ah, Friday

The end of the work week, the beginning of a long weekend. Friday is good. It would be even better if it were pay Friday, but I guess I can't be picky since I get a nice three day weekend. Last night we had some huge storms roll through the area. DBF and I were playing poker when they hit and I ran home in between the storms. I made it home, but I did get soaked on the way to my car. Blah.

I get home and my grandma and grandpa are out on the porch with a flashlight. No good can come of this, I decide in my mind. They rush me in and say that a man was running around the neighborhood and had scared the living daylights out of our neighbors in the back yard. The police came out and searched away, but my grandpa stayed out until at least 11 on the back porch, making sure the person didn't come back. Gotta love Grandpa :oP

Lots of lightning with this storm too. I don't sleep very much when lightning or storms are around, so I am dead tired this morning. I finally made it to bed about 2:30 this morning. At least I got almost 4 hours of sleep in before heading in to work.

And why am I even here at work? There is no one here. People called in sick to extend their long weekend. I really thought about doing that myself and I very well might take a half day today and go home and sleep. Blah. I got bored this morning though and decided to create an avatar for my blog. Here is the dumb thing:

I got it at:

Have a good weekend. I think I'll go to sleep now...

Knit on...

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