Tuesday, May 30, 2006

I love long weekends

I was looking forward to this three day weekend all month. It ended up being a four day weekend for me because I did something to my ankle on Friday at work and had to leave early and go see a doctor. My ankle just gave out on me and I went down. When I got back up, my leg was numb from the knee down. I figured this was probably not a good sign, so I hobbled off to the doctor. It's pretty sad, but the doctor remembered me from the last time I had been there (2 years ago). I had broken this same ankle by just tripping on a sidewalk on the local college campus. I still need to work on my excuse for breaking the ankle. People just don't believe me when I say I was chased by a rabid jaguar through the jungles of Brazil...

Anyways, I went to the doctor and she said that I had so badly injured the tendons and ligaments in my ankle that it would just keep doing this wonderful giving out thing. So I had two options...surgery to make them tighter, or wear an ankle brace from now on.

So this weekend was my first test of my new ankle brace...the numb leg was because I had pinched a nerve. The feeling came back within a day. DBF and I played disc golf on Saturday and Monday, went to the movies to see X-Men 3, went out to dinner on Sunday to celebrate his sister's birthday, and grilled out on Monday.

What, you want a knitting update? Do you think I had time to knit this weekend? I did knit a few rows, but that's all the knitting that I did. No purchases, no knitting, no completed projects. I was a lazy knitting slut this weekend. I was enjoying the 90 degree heat instead...blah.

When did it turn so hot here? It just became scorching within two days. It's supposed to be around 90 again today. What happened to Spring? Did it come and go in February? Oh well. That's what my AC system is for I guess.

So now I'm back at the office. Kathy is gone on vacation and this room looks very vacant. I'll probably be moved to another office before the end of this week. Welcome back to work. Tonight is Stitch and Bitch at least!

Knit on...

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