Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Knit In Public

Come on, it's fun. Admit it, you like to do it. No, I'm not talking about stalking, or eating five bricks of chocolate. I'm talking about World Wide Knit in Public Day on June 10. This is where thousands of knitters will grab their pointed sticks of power and plop down in the middle of a public place and proceed to attract stares and gawking while creating beautiful hand knits and crochet items. And if anyone stares at you too long, just let the sunlight gleam off of your metal pointed sticks. As the Panopticon says, I have two pointed sticks, you have two eyes, don't mess with someone who knits!

I'm planning on participating in WWKIP day. It sounds like fun. My local SnB group is going to get together and have a party to get our knit on. Should be fun.

I didn't do a bit of knitting last night. Nautie is still the one tentacled wonder and the sock is sitting right where I left it. The diamond shawl is still diamondy, but no new stitches. I did however cook and play poker last night. I went to the local food co-op in town and bought some organic flour to make some good homemade bread (honey wheat to be exact). I got home and my grandmother seems to be pissed that I have gone back to being a vegetarian. She seems to think that I can't get my nutritional needs met by eating only veggies. I beg to differ, so we'll see how this goes. Blah.

Anyways, I made some bean and barley soup and two huge loaves of honey wheat bread. The big one didn't quiet get cooked all the way, so it had to go back to the oven for a little bit. I figure DBF's loaf should be fine since it was about half the size of the big loaf. Between my grandmother, grandfather, and great-grandmother, I'll be lucky if I see any of the big loaf by the time I make it home tonight. Oh well. I guess I better get my butt to work.

Knit on...

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ericah64 said...

Multivitamins. Multivitamins will help make up for anything that's lacking.