Thursday, May 18, 2006

The sweater and the sock

This sounds like some sort of children's story. Some knitter out there should write one about the friendship between the sweater and the sock. Unfortunately, my sweater seems to be having a sleeve crisis and the sock is just stagnant. Here's the finished purple shirt thing:

The sweater isn't that bad, but I ran out of yarn for the sleeves, so I got little caplet sleeves instead of the much longer ones I had envisioned. Apparently one of my balls of ribbon yarn lied about it being 50 grams. Blah. Oh well, it still looks cute, but it does show off my horrendous farmer's tan from getting burned at Keeneland a few weeks ago. I am still peeling from that by the way and so is DBF. It also makes me realize that my arms are still huge. You'd think that after 5 years of not playing softball anymore that they would decrease some. Oh well. There they are in all their glowing whiteness. I hope I didn't cause someone to go blind.

Now for the sock. Here it is watching Curb Your Enthusiasm last night:

At least it's starting to come along a little bit. I ended up ripping it out after using size 2 needles on it the first time. Turns out I knit much looser on DPNs than I do on straight or circulars, so I have to go down a size to compensate. It's looking much better on the size 1 needles now. I do like how portable the thing is though. It's about 3 inches long now. Only another 4-5 inches or so before the dreaded first turned heel. I've been told to lock myself in my room, play some new age music, and pop open a bottle of wine for my first turned heal. Now I have mixed knitting and alcohol before and it usually doesn't turn out that wonderful, but hell, I'll try it again anyways.

Yippee for the Hippies! They won Amazing Race last night. Woot!

Tonight is camera club night. The category for this month is "urban decay". I pulled out three slides to enter, but they're really not all that exciting. Oh well. Maybe I'll be the only one who will enter again like last month :oP I'll take my sock with me to pass the time it takes for them to start the meeting. My friend Gail who goes there also knits and she's been working on an entrelac bag that is gorgeous. I need to try that sometime, but I think it's going to take some alcohol to get me through it.

Knit on...

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