Wednesday, May 24, 2006

That Voodoo That You Do

I have finished Nautie. His name is Cthulu because he reminds me of that character with the tentacled mouth. He's pretty cute and much bigger than most people expected him to be. The sock is almost heeled now, so it's getting there. But to keep my mind off of the upcoming instep that must be made for the sock, I decided I needed a nice new project that was mindless knitting and very easy, and of course, nifty.

Enter Voodoo:

Gwen at work has been wanting a pair of wrist warmers for a while, so I'm making a pair now. I just looked down at my hands and realized that the dye on the yarn is bleeding onto my hands. I guess I better wash the stuff after I finish this. I'm using my Lamb's Pride worsted in Country Garden from Cherry Tree Hill. Brown Sheep with some dye...apparently dye that will run all over my fingers...blah.

I'm scanning at work today which means I can knit while scanning. I can't do anything else on this computer because it will crash it if I do, so knit away.

I'll get pictures of Nautie and the sock soon. And my Harlot pictures will be up soon too, I promise.

Knit on...

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