Friday, May 19, 2006


Why is it that lace looks so God awful when you're knitting it up, but we know deep in our hearts that it is going to turn out to be beautiful in the end? I'm making a diamond shawl pattern from Lionbrand to use up the last three skeins of homespun that I had left over from the Furry Beast Olympic sweater. It's stash reduction and I also had a desire to knit lace for some reason. Probably the new Knit Picks catalogue has something to do with that. I have no fingering weight yarn or else I might have made some other lacy thing in a yarn much better to work with than homespun. At least it will turn those last three skeins into something aside from three balls of yarn sitting in my stash. I have no clue who will be getting this shawl. If you're curious, this is what it should look like after I block the hell out of the sucker.

I cast this thing on before camera club last night. It's a super easy lace pattern at least, so not too much trouble keeping track of rows. It's only a 10 row repeat pattern. Camera club was semi-interesting last night. The speaker talked about gypsy horses and how they were bred and the people who worked with them. They are pretty horses. They kinda look like miniature Clydsdales. The stories about the actual gypsy people too were interesting. The competition for this month was on Urban Decay. I didn't win squat this month, but I didn't really have that many pictures for Urban Decay either. DBF did win an honorable mention and first place in the advanced category. Considering he has to go up against professionals in that category, that was damn good! He's as good as a professional, it's just hard to make any money at photography when you try to start out on your own.

I worked on my sock some while waiting for the meeting to start and it's now at about 4 inches long. It progresses slowly, but that's OK. I should have done a worsted weight one to make myself feel like I'm accomplishing something. That's what the lace stole is for anyways. I'm going to try to get most of Nautie done today at lunch too. He's at 27 stitches on the needles now, so he's certainly getting there. I have found that he gets a little clunky to work with the bigger he gets since you have to stuff him as you go along. Oh well. Hopefully he turns out really cute.

I can't believe another week has flown by. I guess that's a good thing. Some weeks go by so slow and others just whip right on by. Oh well, that's life for you. I'm going to try to get my Harlot pictures developed this weekend so I can actually prove that I did see her, aside from being on her blog with my paradise fish sweater. I might have a sock or a shawl finished by this weekend too. Depends on how ambitious I get.

Knit on...

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