Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Merino Ram-in-a-Van

Yes, I am going to go see the Ram-in-a-Van tonight. He is in town and he must be petted by me. I have this obsession with merino wool anyways, so what better way to feed my obsession than to go and pet a Merino Ram. It's all in celebration of a book anyways. Time for the Stitch and Bitchers to have a field trip. It will be followed by cheesecake :o)

Here's the cutie:
The Ram is the sponsor of this book:

Let me just say now, I want this book. I still haven't picked up Inspired Cable Knits, but I still want this book. Depending on what they have there tonight, I might come home with a new item.

Tomorrow: My pictures of the field trip!

Knit on...

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