Friday, May 05, 2006

Of Carpal Tunnel and Magic Cards

Yes, I have carpal tunnel syndrome. Stupid numb hand... It's only in my right hand and it comes from using the mouse on the computer too much. Blah. Oh well. Hopefully I won't have to start knitting like this:
Speaking of knitting, here's an update! I have about 12 inches done now on the new sweater. Nope, this shirt doesn't have a name like the last one. It's just the purple blob right now. Here it is in all its glory.
DBF's mom gave me some flowers the other day and I decided they needed to adorn the office since I really have no place to keep them at home.
Very pretty flowers. They shall brighten up the dreary office. And finally...yes...Magic! Today is the official release of the new set, Dissension. DBF and I will be filling our weekend with lots and lots of Magic playing. We got our cards in yesterday and opened up a box together. We're saving some so we can play in some sealed tournaments with some of our friends.
Yes, a case of Magic cards. They are ours, all ours! And if you have ever wanted to know what pure bliss looks I am...
Have a good weekend and I'll report on the tournament scene come Monday!

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