Monday, May 01, 2006

Ah, the Weekend

I really need a digital camera. I have been seriously looking at buying a Nikon D70 since my poor Minolta has now sold out to Sony. Why do I need a digital camera? One Name: Harlot.

I did see the Yarn Harlot on Saturday morning before driving my grandmother to the airport in Louisville. I couldn't let her be so close and not go and see her and the sock. My sweater really wanted to see the sock. It had just been finished Friday night with the nice sari silk bottom border and it needed a day out. It was rainy and drab, but the sweater did go and meet the sock. I even did a twirl model for the Yarn Harlot. It was a good morning.

Here's a few pictures of the sweater pre-sari silk. I also need a digital camera for this too. Maybe I'll get on the Harlot's site and you'll be able to see the full thing before I go and get film developed. Time will tell.
Meet the Paradise Fish Sweater before she was all sewn together. Pieces everywhere!

There she is all sewn up. She had to be finished at work, so just don't mind those geologic maps she's sitting on.
There's a brief shot of the inside of the sweater. I did make it reversable if I so ever desired to wear it like that. I doubt that will happen though. And finally...

One of the most unflattering pictures taken of me in a while! I didn't even have the energy to suck in my gut. The sweater is now edged in a nice red-hued sari silk which added another inch and a half to it.

The pattern for this sweater is very easy. I cast on 95 stitches for the front and back panels. I worked K5P1 rib for 23 inches for the back and the front was K5P1 rib for 16 inches. K5P1 for 46 stitches. K2Tog. BO 1 stitch. K2Tog. K5P1 rib till end. Keep K2Tog on each side to create the V-Neck. The sleeves are just 36 stitches cast on, K5P1 rib, increase on each side every 4th row until you have 84 stitches. Then work until arms measure 20 inches. Sew 'er up and you have a sweater. I know I'm an awful pattern writer. I just made it up as I went and it turned out pretty good.

Now, I want everyone to meet Shivan Dragon. He's an old Magic card who is going to start travelling with me. Shivan enjoyed a day at the horse races on Thursday (he was already red, else he might have gotten scorched as well). He was eyeballing the horses as food, but I reminded him that if he wants to come along anywhere, he needs to behave.

For another knitting update, here's Nautie so far!
He's a cute little squid! Here's Kathy's bag I was talking about the other day. I just love the flowers!
They were cross-stitched on after all the knitting was done. I'm going to have to make this bag now! And here's Kathy's cute little Amigurumi lion:
And what about those baby robins from the other day? DBF snapped this picture of them on Wednesday. They're even bigger now.

There's the weekend in a nutshell. I'll get more pictures as soon as I get some film developed. I have to get my picture of the Yarn Harlot up here!

Knit on...

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Knitting Magic Girl said...

If you're wondering why my hand is so red in the sweater picture, I got very badly sunburned on Thursday. Damn sun!