Friday, August 25, 2006

Friday...ah, Friday

Last day of the work week, first day of the weekend...Friday. I'm glad I set my alarm this morning because I would not have gotten out of bed if I hadn't. I spent the latter part of the evening chasing a crazy bunny around the house, making sure she didn't chew on anything she didn't need to be chewing on (electric cords, dishwasher, me...) and making sure she used her litter box.

Announcement: The bunny will now pee in her litter box. If I could get the poop in there too, I'd be a very happy bun owner. At least poop is much easier to clean than pee.

Spooky is still living up to her name, but she has warmed up to me and DBF finally. She wants and likes to be petted, so she'll just flop down next to you and wait for you to pet and love on her. Last night, she hopped up on the couch with me and crawled up into my lap for a split second. I really do think this bunny was a cat in a previous life.

When I took my shower this morning, the bunny decided she wanted to hop in too. She scrambled in and realized that water was falling from that faucet up there and out she went. Hopping into the bathtub is a new experience as well for her. I've already fallen for this bunny who was a cat in the last life.

She even sat in the kitchen with me last night while I made dinner. I think she gets lonely while I'm at work all day and then wants to be around someone after that since she's been alone for 9 hours.

On another note, I've been going to Curves this week again. I stepped on the scale this morning and I'm already down five pounds. I even noticed a difference in my belly roll too. It's not so rollish right now ;oP I've been following weight watchers very strictly this week, haven't even used a flex point, and have been working out everyday (except Wednesday since that dumb evening course I was going to take knocked me out of working out). I've just been going there straight from work so that I make it a habit. If I go home before, I'm much less likely to get back out.

Anyways, no new knitting news of cross-stitch news. Come on September 12...I want the clearance to knit again...

Knit on...

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