Wednesday, August 09, 2006


OK, here's some pictures for you all. I bought a really cheap digital camera from Wally World the other day, so the pictures aren't great, but at least they're pictures. First up, the MDK nighty in progress...
Close up of the lace:
And now for what we've all been waiting for...the sock!
Yes, it's a really crappy picture, but here's the most important one:

The one that shows that it fits! Woot, there it is...

I'm also working on a sweater that is camera shy. All the pictures I took of that one turned out like crap. I need to get used to this new camera now. It's pretty crappy, but it takes pictures in digital format at least! I've been wanting a little point and shoot of my own ever since my good Sony died. Mom and Dad said they would let me buy their older Kodak one, but that fell through, so now it's on to the craptapulous Digital Expressions 4.1 megapixel crappy lens, crappy flash camera! DBF's digital is 3.5 megapixels I think and it takes 100% better pictures. He got a steal on it too when he got his. One of these days, I will upgrade to a digital SLR, but in the meantime, I can take WIP pictures with this little one. It gives you the idea at least.

The second sock is about 4 inches long now, so it's coming along. I've been bringing that one into work to knit on since I can hide it in my purse and just take my purse out on breaks and to lunch with me so that people don't see me toting knitting with me. Pretty sad when you have to hide one of your hobbies like that. I bring in Magic cards to sort every now and then and they don't say anything about that...blah.

I played poker last night and got some really crappy cards. That's just how it goes some nights. At least smirnoff was involved.

Knit on...

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